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We have a wealth of knowledge dealing with rising damp in properties throughout the North East area. Our specialist rising damp treatments are a quick and cost-effective method to eradicate damp from your property.

Our rising damp solutions

Rising damp occurs due to properties being structured on damp soil and this water rising up through the walls in the property. When this happens the property walls start to soak up all the moisture from the moist soil below. similar to a sponge absorbing liquid.

This type of damp causes numerous problems and can severely damage the overall structural fabric of the property including areas such as: masonry, brickwork, internal decorations, renderings and all the way through to important structural timbers causing rot.

North East Damp Specialists provide an all in one service to fully deal with your rising damp problem. Our treatments have a 30-year guarantee and we always provide competitive prices. See our simple rising damp solution process below:


Rising Damp Survey

Our rising damp experts will start by conducting a survey. If rising damp is found there will be a thorough inspection to identify the severity of damage.


The next step in the process is for our team to identify the most effective and cost-effective solution to deal with the rising damp in your property.

Complete Work

We complete work on external and interior damp areas of the property. We inject your walls with a damp prevention solution before applying the stud membrane to act as a moisture barrier.


Once all of the damp proofing work has been carried out our skilled plasterers will get to work to ensure your property walls looks perfect.

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